First we visited: Maryland

It was the first time I had been back for almost 2 years. We enjoyed lunch & dinner and catching up with friends Candace & Mark (L) as well as Heidi & Doug (R).

Next we visited: Colorado

We had wonderful time with daughter Michelle (below L with boyfriend Russ, who we didn’t get to see this time) and son Mark (below R).

We also got to see granddaughter Shelby,      

21 years old, and her boyfriend Colin.

Michelle took Marc & me on a tour of some of the Aurora Public Art that is close to her neighborhood. So we posed with some of the art shown below. Much of the art was created by Colorado artists.

Marc & I went to the States

“Ghost Trolley” seen from both side, cast fiberglass

Below are 3 of the 5 community street scenes called “Uptown”

“Solar Winds” kinetic sculpture

Art in front of a Fire House

Cheers from Norma & Marc

“Canopy” at Flecher Plaza

Art Benches

“Unglued” made of powder coated steel

“Reflective Urban Quilt” is cast aluminum


We visited with our 8-year-old grandson Johnny